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Member Benefits

  • Make Real Connections with Potential Clients
    • * Put a face and a voice to your name in a customized Member Profile. Highlight your writing talent, creativity, and provide insight on how working with you can help them reach their job searching goals faster.
    • * Provide job seekers with a 1-2 minute welcome audio that allows you to make a personal connection with these potential clients viewing your profile, giving them an opportunity to learn more about you and the career services you offer.
  • Reveal Your Expertise as a Resume Writer
    • * Share what you know about today’s competitive job market. Publish articles to further establish your credibility as a resume writing expert—build the “know, like, and trust” factor with your readers! Each article posted on our site includes a direct link to your profile.
    • * Thousands of website visitors read our member articles each month and career articles draw in more than 85% of our highly organic website traffic!
    • * Articles are shared on social media, extending your online reach with even more potential clients as well as featured in our weekly eZine/newsletter along with a direct link to your profile.
  • Market & Promote Your Fee-Based & Free Job Search Training Workshops
    • * Advertise your upcoming training workshops and webinars on our site at no additional fee.
    • * Present pre-recorded On-Demand job search training (30-60 minutes) via Zoom and on us. We provide the platform and take care of the back end.
    • * All training workshops are announced and shared on social media.
  • Marketing & Business-Building Training
    • * Attend training/workshops at no additional cost and access meeting replays, handouts, and special reports via the Member-Only Resources area of our website.
  • Goal Setting Follow Through Meet-Ups (Virtual)
    • * Goal setting is only good if you follow through. Being guided and having a support system to help you along the way instills motivation, accountability, and can help you stay on task, making it that much sweeter when it comes to celebrating your wins with those who supported you from the very beginning! 
    • * We meet the 2nd Wednesday of each month via Zoom for 1 hour. Objective: Establish 30-day goals that will contribute to reaching your long-term goal one step at a time. Some coaching and assignments take place, however not the primary focus or purpose.
    • * Meet-Up replays are posted in the Member-Only Resources area of our website as well as our exclusive private Facebook group where members continue to support one another.
  • Business Goals Focus Session
    • To keep business goals moving forward, we meet the 1st Friday of each month via Zoom for 2 hours to focus on business goal tasks and activities. You block out time on your calendar and honor it.
    • Time is earmarked to intentionally work on your business goal related projects independently. You have access to me to get help when you need it via chat so others aren’t disturbed. We break after 1 hour to “check in” and get right back to work for the 2nd hour.
    • * Focus Session replays are posted in the Member-Only Resources area of our website.
  • Private Facebook Community
    • * An opportunity to stay connected with other TCE members to get the help, support, and feedback whenever you need it and returning the favor. All information and resources shared is considered confidential, providing us with a safe space to communicate and interact with one another while building personal relationships among colleagues.
  • LinkedIn Introduction
    • * Your affiliation with our elite TCE network is announced to our LinkedIn network and company page.
  • TCE Member Logo
    • * Authorized use of our company logo on your company website and social media accounts to indicate your affiliation with The Career Experts elite network certified career service professionals.
  • Publication Opportunities
    • * Online magazine publishers and authors periodically inquire input from our career expert network to contribute to their publications and members are immediately notified with details.
  • Free subscription to our CareerExpertsOnline (CEO) e-Zine.

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