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What Makes Us Different?

We Provide the Tools, Resources & Personal Support to Build Your Resume Writing Business

  • We do not create or grant resume writing certifications or promote one certification over another unlike other professional career service organizations and associations.
  • Our focus and emphasis is and always has been to support and provide career professionals to grow their business, establish their brand, and instill the importance of building genuine relationships with clients/potential clients to create long-lasting partnerships.
  • We equally represent and support resume writers of diverse resume writing certifications.
  • Our platform is designed to market and promote your industry expertise and professional writing services, giving you vast opportunities to connect with more potential clients to grow your client base.
  • We make it very easy for potential clients to learn about you, your brand, and the professional quality career services you offer. Details below!

We Care.  We Connect.  We Build.

Uniting Job Seekers & Resume Writers

We help job seekers understand the benefits and value of working with a credentialed resume writer. Connecting them with you is just the beginning!

Private Coaching

If you’ve been in business for some time or even just a few years and you prefer to work one-to-one, learn more about my private coaching.

Turn Potential Leads into Retained Clients

The business market is more competitive than ever. Characterize yourself and your service offerings through our robust network.

The Career Experts Membership

$ 427Easy 4-Pay Plan Available

Member Benefits

  • Make Real Connections with Potential Clients
    • * Put a face and a voice to your name in a customized Member Profile. Highlight your writing talent, creativity, and provide insight on how working with you can help them reach their job searching goals faster.
    • Provide job seekers with a 1-2 minute welcome audio that allows you to make a personal connection with these potential clients viewing your profile, giving them an opportunity to learn more about you and the career services you offer.
  • Reveal Your Expertise as a Resume Writer
    • * Share what you know about today’s competitive job market via articles you’ve written.
    • Publishing articles is an excellent opportunity to further establish your credibility as a resume writing expert—building the “know, like, and trust” factor with your readers!  A direct link to your profile is also part of each article posted on our site.
    • * Thousands of website visitors read our member articles each month and career articles draw in more than 85% of our highly organic website traffic!
    • * Member articles are shared on social media, extending your online reach with even more potential clients as well as featured in our weekly eZine/newsletter along with a direct link to your profile.

Are you a certified resume writer and career coach? We have a package for you!

If you want to be included in both network databases, we offer a special rate. Select Career Coach + Resume Writer when completing the application form.

The TCE Difference

Membership within our vibrant network serves the needs of credentialed career service professionals in the following ways:

  • WE’RE PASSIONATE. With our expert guidance, our members can affordably and reliably grow and market their businesses while establishing and building their brand as a career expert.
  • WE’RE CONNECTED. The vast reach of our online resources draws in interested job seekers, who in turn become qualified client leads.
  • WE’RE SELECTIVE. We only allow verified certified career service professionals into our exclusive membership network.
  • WE’RE EDUCATORS. We provide training from successful small business experts outside of the “careers” industry circle to broaden and develop the business building, marketing, and business management skills of our membership network.

Few people outside the industry understand the value of a certified, credentialed career professional—in fact, many don’t even know that such a thing exists! We built The Career Experts with the following goals in mind:

  • To connect individuals seeking professional career services with credentialed coaches and resume writers
  • To provide vast opportunities for certified coaches and writers to demonstrate their industry expertise
  • To offer job seekers expert-level career advice via resources from our highly skilled network of career service professionals
  • To educate the public about the career coaching and resume writing industry

Resume Writing Certifications

Member resume writers are certified by one of these organizations: PARW/CC  /  CDI   /  NRWA  /  RWA

Academy Certified Resume Writer
CDI Certified Master Resume Writer
Professional Association of Resume Writers
Nationally Certified Resume Writer