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TCE Mastermind Essentials

TCE Mastermind Essentials is small group program where everyone contributes. Being part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and having their support can be very powerful. Learn and grow in ways you didn’t think possible!

Growing your business requires action-step planning, follow-through, and support to keep you motivated and focused is crucial and the objective of TCE Mastermind Essentials. Without accountability and support, it’s VERY easy to give up or find an excuse to put important projects on the back burner.



Program Overview…

  • TCE Mastermind Essentials is a small, close-knit, structured program for career service professionals only. It’s facilitated, we stick to an agenda, and group guidelines are established to make the most effective use of our time together.
  • We meet for 6 weeks and have 90-minute group sessions using Zoom as our meeting platform.
  • You’re given a 20-minute “Hot Seat” session at each meeting to let the group know where you want help and support from the group. The 20-min. session is solely focused on you and your needs.
  • Your Hot Seat session provides you with the opportunity to get answers, collective feedback, resources, and support from the group to help you move forward with projects you’ve been wanting to implement in your business or overcoming challenges that have been holding you back.
  • You receive video training and handouts to help you establish a solid foundation to attract ideal clients and market your services to meet their needs while building relationships with your target audience. Topics: Identifying Your Ideal Client, Creating Your 30-Second Marketing Message, Creating Your Free Taste Offer, Staying In Touch with Potential Clients
  • You receive unlimited direct email support to answer any questions relating to the training sessions or to answer those quick questions you have that can’t wait until the next meeting.
  • You belong to a members-only private Facebook group where you connect other masterminders for additional help and peer support in between meetings AND after the program has ended.

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 (Program Only $497)


    Mastermind Essentials Group Levels: Start-Up & Growth

  • Start-Up: If you’re new in business or in the early stages of developing your website, building their email list, etc. We meet Wednesdays @ 11am (ET)
  • Growth: If you’ve been in business at least 4 years, have an established website and some systems in place. We meet Thursdays @ 1pm (ET)
  • Private Coaching Session: Each group member receives a 30-minute private strategy coaching session after the program has ended to outline and discuss action steps for their next project in mind.
  • I’m the group facilitator and contribute to group discussions, bringing over 20 years of career service industry and small business ownership experience. Questions? Let’s talk!


Purpose Behind Mastermind Essentials…

  • To help you achieve your business goals, make better decisions, and hold you accountable in following through with your action plans.
  • To bring you together with like-minded business owners who also seek help, advice, and support in moving their business forward.
  • To gain insight on business processes, strategies, and experiences of colleagues and building a solid foundation for your business.



Private Coaching

I find it very rewarding working one-to-one with my clients because it allows for true relationship building. I have the opportunity to get to know my client as “an entrepreneur” and as “a person” while at the same time they get to know me in the same way, which is only the beginning of great things to come!

Who I Help:

I help my fellow resume writers…

  • get clear about who they serve so they can attract ideal client leads.
  • effectively market themselves and their service offerings.
  • create customized marketing action plans.
  • build their confidence to charge what they are worth.
  • break free from their comfort zone and take imperfect action.


Who You Are:

You’re a home-based resume writer who has been in the resume writing business a few years or has been working as a contract writer who is now ready to venture on your own, taking on your own clients.

You want to consistently attract and connect with potential clients who value your experience and expertise and the resume writing services you provide, including other job search related documents.

You’re ready to let go of  draining clients—no longer settling to work with clients who micro-manages your work or easily drains all of your energy.


What You Need Most Right Now:

You need to focus and learn how to effectively market your business and service offerings. You want to be clear about who you serve so that your marketing efforts are attracting ideal clients, not tire kickers.

You need personal support and direction to help you create and implement marketing and relationship building strategies that will leave potential clients wanting to know more about you, how you can help them, and more importantly how they can start working with you.


What to Do Next

Take a few minutes to determine where you stand in your business right now—is it where you want to be? If not, let’s take steps so it is where you want it to be!

Fill out the form below so we can set up a “get acquainted” call or “virtual coffee” to get started. I look forward to speaking with you soon!


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  • You’re a home-based full-time resume writer or a contract writer transitioning into your own full-time career service business.
  • You’ve been in business (or have worked as a contract resume writer) at least 2 years.

We support you 100%. We’re dedicated to helping you acquire more qualified client leads while increasing your online visibility, building your credibility with ideal clients to expand your business, and developing new networking relationships with colleagues, small business building experts, and diverse careers industry organizations.