Membership Terms & Conditions

  • Member maintains a valid coaching (career focused) or resume writing certification and a member in good standing with the certifying organization.
  • If coaching or writing certification is found to be expired or invalid, Member will be notified and their Member listing and account will be placed on “Inactive” status until Member notifies TCE via email or phone that their certification has been reinstated. No refund of payment collected will be granted due to Member account being placed on “Inactive” status.
  • Member agrees to submit at least four (4) industry related articles per year.
  • Member agrees to keep their Member Profile and contact info up-to-date. Providing job seekers searching our database and accessing Member Profiles with current information is very important.
  • Membership fees are recurring payments based Member level option selected (monthly or 12-month). Recurring payments cease upon receipt of a Member written/email request to cancel membership.
  • Member agrees to respond to each client lead notification generated from TCE via email or phone within 1-2 business days of receipt of notice.
  • Member agrees to adhere to The Career Experts Code of Ethics.
  • To ensure superior quality and professional career services as well as maintain the integrity of The Career Experts network, a select and elite group of professional career experts, Member fully understands what is expected of him/her as a TCE Member.
  • Any violation of the Member Terms & Conditions will result in being contacted to resolve violation at hand. If not rectified, Member will be asked to leave TCE network.
  • TCE shall have the right, in its complete and sole discretion, to terminate the membership if the Member fails to comply with the Membership Terms & Conditions. No refunds will be given for the payment in effect at the date of termination.
  • The Career Experts/Career Solutions, LLC reserves the right to change this Agreement and/or its Terms & Conditions, including any amendments to its membership categories, benefits and criteria at its sole discretion, without prior notice. However, details of such amendments will be posted on TCE website and notification to Members will be made.
  • The Career Experts/Career Solutions, LLC retains the right to change the membership fee, but Members will be informed about any such changes before they are implemented.

Use of TCE Logo

  • “The Career Experts” name and/or Logo are the property of Career Solutions, LLC and may only be used by a TCE Member during that Member’s period of membership.
  • TCE name and/or Logo may not be otherwise used, copied, reproduced or altered in any way.
  • TCE name and/or Logo may not be distributed to third parties.
  • TCE Logo may be displayed anywhere on a “Member’s” primary website.
  • TCE Membership Verification (Optional): The Logo may also serve as a direct link to your Member Profile. Copy/paste your Member Profile URL page link behind the TCE Member Logo. Conduct a search here using your name, copy the URL page link in your browser, and paste link behind the TCE Member Logo. Linking the Logo on your website to your TCE Member Profile is an easy way for your website visitors to verify your membership with us.
  • In the event of a Member termination, cancellation, or membership suspension or Membership Terms & Conditions violation, you shall discontinue all use of TCE name and Logo.
  • TCE name and/or Logo may not be used in any way or form other than what is stated in the TCE Member Terms & Conditions without prior written permission from TCE founder.

TCE Terms & Conditions of membership is an agreement between you and The Career Experts / Career Solutions, LLC. You understand the rights of membership, including the right to claim membership only when you have been notified that your application for membership has been accepted.

You agree that you will not sue The Career Experts / Career Solutions, LLC for any damages on any matter concerning the subject matter of this Agreement. In no event shall The Career Experts / Career Solutions, LLC be liable to you or any other for any damages of any type as a result of your actions pursuant to this Agreement.

Notices: All written notices should be mailed to: Career Solutions, LLC, 4580 Dolores Drive, Trenton, MI 48183