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Q: Can I join if I’m not certified?  A: We’re sorry, but you cannot. To become a member of TCE, you must be certified in either career coaching or resume writing.

Q: Does the discount apply to any of the monthly memberships?  A: We’re sorry, it does not. The 15% savings only apply to “Annual” memberships. Also with an Annual membership, the fee is “locked in.” Meaning, it will not increase as long as you maintain your membership with us.

30-Day “No Questions Asked” Guarantee

If after becoming a member of The Career Experts network you conclude that our service does not meet your expectations of generating qualified client leads that will contribute to the growth of your business and you wish to cancel within the first 30 days of joining our premier network, simply tell us. We will refund your payment 100% and cancel your membership—no questions asked.

Notify us via email 7 days (longer for weekends and major holidays) before your next payment is due. Upon your request to cancel, your member account and listing information will be immediately removed from our membership site and database. There are no refund payments made after the first 30 days, or payments made without adequate notice given to cancel membership.


Every effort has been made to accurately represent our service offerings and their delivery. Each member’s success is dependent upon his or her member activity, participation, use and implementation of the various tools, information and resources, and marketing opportunities provided by The Career Experts. There is no guarantee that any member will receive the same or similar results.