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What’s the Right Work/Life Balance?

17 Jan, 2020

What’s the Right Work/Life Balance?

As a Libra, I’m all about finding the right balance in my life and it isn’t the same all the time nor does it typically seem to be a 50/50 balance. But it needs to exist.

Sometimes, work demands most of my time; other times I need to focus on my other interests to recharge my batteries and refresh, mentally and physically.

I’m always interested when I read or hear of highly successful people who work seemingly non-stop, often taking little or no time off for weekends or holidays. They say their work is their passion and that fuels them for hours on end.

Maybe so … but, the happiest and most successful clients I’ve worked with have always found a way to fit in time for non-work activities. I believe this balance has made them happier and more successful. I appreciate my career much more when I take time for me on a regular basis. I’m more productive too.

Here are some ideas:

Change your strategy.

Do only what is essential and say no to those things that are not critical or beyond your bandwidth based on your available time and resources.

Adopting this approach can free up your time for more rewarding activities, potentially increase your value in the workplace and ultimately win the respect of others.

Build time into your schedule and block off time for you! (Think Greg McKeown and his book, Essentialism.)

Change up your routine and see how that fits.

Maybe it happens with the change of the seasons, post-holidays or just whenever the mood strikes you. If going to the gym or out for a run at 5 am has gotten weary, maybe a 6 pm workout would be a great way to end the workday.

Even if it isn’t a workout or a run, just engaging in a non-work activity for a short time at some point each day is key.

Change your work environment if you can.

Is it possible you can work from home or remotely a few days a week? This strategy has served me well when working from a home office for too many days in a row became tedious and isolating.

I found coffee shops where other professionals worked remotely and struck up friendships, new connections and new leads.

Too, just the feng shui of a change of scenery did me a world of good. (My tip: make sure they have awesome coffee or tea if you’re an aficionado like me!)

There are countless ways to find your balance and I’d love to hear more ideas!

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