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Career Portfolios for Personal Branding

13 Mar, 2017

Career Portfolios for Personal Branding

If you are interested in securing greater career opportunities or promoting the value of your unique expertise within a select industry, now is the time to find and develop your personal brand. What exactly is a personal brand?

As all of us know, corporations such as McDonald’s and AT&T use slogans, logos, advertising, and a variety of multimedia channels to market their products and services to targeted audiences. Within a smaller budget, the same branding concepts can apply to individuals that want to clearly promote their unique qualities and industry leadership to clients, colleagues, employers, and other groups.

Before establishing your personal brand, you must first identify what distinguishes you from others in your field and how you would like to be perceived in your professional world. Through self-evaluation, you can determine your leadership style and how your personal success stories have impacted the industry or inspired others to develop and advance their careers.

After discovering your brand, you are ready to create a customized marketing package called a career portfolio. This portfolio is designed to maximize your visibility and is not a “one size fits all” packet. It can include a newly branded resume, digital materials for social media, an executive biography, a personal website, and other various tools that can be used for special events, interviews, and networking.

Joining organizations and becoming more involved in areas related to your industry are essential in communicating the benefits of your brand. There is no sense in having a brand if you do not advertise or become visible.

Identifying your personal brand can never be too soon. While most recent college graduates do not have proven career strengths or fully understand the personal traits that will guide their success, they can begin to realize their unique qualities as they mature professionally.

A resume created early in their career should be consistently updated or revised with each passing project, accomplishment, or promotion; by doing this, a personal brand will be easier to recognize as their career develops.

No matter what your career level, you are always evolving professionally. As you advance your career, tackle new challenges, or go beyond your expectations, you will need to adjust your personal brand from time to time.

Updating your portfolio and promotional strategies are a must if you want to grow and achieve professional success with your brand.

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