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6 Steps to Updating Your Resume

16 Aug, 2019

6 Steps to Updating Your Resume

Here are 6 tips to update your resume today so you can be ready to fire off your resume when that recruiter calls with your dream job. Do these today!

1. Make sure your resume heading is updated and correlates with your LinkedIn profile headline. You don’t want someone to read your resume and be intrigued to learn more by looking you up on LinkedIn, only for them to find your profile and resume headlines are not in alignment. Be sure these documents support each other.

2. Give your resume an updated layout to look more contemporary. If you are using a layout that is at least 3 years old or more, it’s time to get a newer layout. You can check out interview-landing resume layouts on this page of resume samples.

3. Use keywords to describe your titles on your resume (and your profile) to improve keyword optimization. For example, if your corporate issued title is Business Unit Manager, but you are really doing a Finance Manager role and want to continue doing more of the finance aspects of your job than the operational aspects, you may want to consider listing your title as “Business Unit Manager (Finance Manager)”. The parenthetical use infers its more of a description and not your actual title.

4. List your most notable achievements for the year. Aim to have 6-8 impressive accomplishments so you have enough solid ammunition for your update.

5. Include new trainings you have completed, accolades you have been awarded and new professional memberships you now have.

6. Cull your resume content to hone in on the most recent 15-20 years of employment maximum. Remove or downplay any employment experience prior to this period.

You will want to make sure your resume is updated so you can:

a. Send it off to recruiters in minutes if they call you with your dream job

b. Apply to an internal promotion ahead of anyone else in your company (since they probably won’t have their resumes ready)

c. Avoid having to write your resume without access to your information if you happened to be unexpectedly laid off

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