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Age-Old Question: Should I Lie About My Age On a Resume

15 Oct, 2016

Age-Old Question: Should I Lie About My Age On a Resume

“Should I Lie About My Age On a Resume?”

  • I am too old
  • I’ve never managed anyone directly
  • I don’t have Microsoft Excel experience
  • I have a job gap from 2002-2004

You’ll never see these above items on a resume because the purpose of the resume is to put your best foot (or feet) forward and to downplay your potential weaknesses.

Adding an easy reference to your age is the same thing as saying “I am an older adult.” Unfortunately, this can be viewed as a weakness by many hiring managers and recruiters.

Let me be clear: Don’t put your graduate date down unless it’s within the last 10 years or will be obtained within the next 2 years. As long as you have dates for your experience, your candidacy will not be dismissed simply for leaving out a graduation date.

Recruiters may tell you to include the graduation date and to “just be direct and honest about your age” but they don’t have as much to lose-that being the interview, your interview. And your interview is your chance to help the hiring manager get past his/her prejudices.

Everyone limits him or herself through stereotypes-which originate as part of basic survival skills. People—all people—generalize and categorize to make their life easier (and in some cases safer). And we all miss out on great opportunities by holding to these beliefs.

Recruiters succeed because of their talent in matchmaking, which is why they’ll encourage you to include your age (so that you can find an employer who prefers hiring older workers and a true-love match can be found). Just remember, that some employers may need a little more help in seeing the match.

Oftentimes older workers’ enthusiasm, loyalty, and work ethic far exceed that of the younger competition but it’s only in the interview where these attributes can truly shine.

As long as your skills are updated, your mind is open, your ego is checked, and your health is satisfactory-you’ll win the employer over in the long run.

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    Thanks a lot i was in dilemma about should i lie on my resume or not and wanted to know what possibly can go wrong or right for me so searched over internet and found your article which i think is a great help for me.Going to bookmark this for sure.

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