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Match Your Resume to the Job Description

10 Jun, 2020

Match Your Resume to the Job Description

A job description can help you in more ways than one!

Whether you are reworking an old resume or starting from scratch, writing a resume can be a daunting task. And in today’s competitive job market with so many unknown variables, it can seem overwhelming at times.

But even if you have a resume you’ve used in the past, chances are some significant adjustments need to be made if you’re searching for a new job.

If you have never done this in the past, resume targeting is writing a resume specific to a position you are applying for. You do this by taking the job description and matching your resume to the position.

You probably have heard from an executive resume service that it’s important to do so, but in what ways are you supposed to match them? Here are some tips to consider when writing your resume.

Find Keywords from the Job Description

The first step is to have a printed copy of the job description, grab a highlighter, and mark each keyword you can find.

These keywords should describe the particular candidate the employer is looking for, as well as the strengths and skills you possess.

Once you identify them all, plug them into your resume as high on the page as possible. Include as many keywords as you can, but be careful not to stuff too many of them in to make it sound unnatural.

Consider the Audience

When you write a resume, you need to think about who will be reading it. It’s easy to talk about your past experiences and accomplishments.

The biggest mistake professionals make is talking about previous achievements that aren’t relevant to the job they are applying for.

When writing an effective resume, you have to write it while thinking about how a potential employer will read it. They want to see what value you bring to the table specifically for their company, and don’t necessarily care about anything else.

By looking closely at the job description, the best professional resume writers can identify what’s appropriate to mention and what should be avoided.

Determine What You Want from a Job

A mistake that many make is trying to reach a broader audience, keeping it more general.

The thought is the more general your resume, the better your chances are of landing another open position, even if you don’t qualify for the one you really want. This can lead to a sloppy resume and an unfocused job search effort.

Taking the time to truly discover what you want from a job, from a salary standpoint, cultural standpoint, work/life balance, and more will help you target your resume.

Ensuring your resume matches the job description shows the recruiter you took the time to review the qualifications for the position and you didn’t send a generic resume to multiple employers. This goes a long way in showing you are serious about their organization.

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