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IT Resume: Why Soft Skills Are So Important

10 Feb, 2012

IT Resume: Why Soft Skills Are So Important

I recently came across a list of what promise to be the 10 most sought after IT developer skills over the next five years. While my clients are always eager to know which technical skills are most sought after, I was especially taken by item #5 on the list: Soft Skills.

Could soft skills really be the difference maker?

“Soft skills? Madness,” you say. “It’s all about my programming languages, core technologies, domain expertise. What good are soft skills if I don’t have the hard skills?” Well, not much, but that’s not the point.

What’s important is that there are lots of jobs out there perfectly aligned with your hard skills. Unfortunately, two-dozen other folks are perfect matches for those same jobs. The question becomes, how do you elevate yourself above the crowd?

Yes, soft skills really can be the difference maker.

The best IT organizations interact with, support, and drive every aspect of business performance; and your ability to bridge the gaps between IT and business make you a valuable enterprise asset. Companies, in any economy, seek people who can translate technology into business terms, work across business units, lead cross-functional teams, and build consensus across a wide-range of stakeholders.

Prove that you can do these things and your stock value soars. Fail to highlight your soft skills, and yours is just another subprime IT resume in the stack.

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