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Executive Resume Branding Works

3 Aug, 2020

Executive Resume Branding Works

When you think of resume branding, what may come to mind is something gimmicky or cliche.

Truth be told, many professional resume writers don’t know how to brand an executive resume the right way.

When an executive resume is branded to communicate value and highlight the job seeker’s distinction, it is executed intelligently and strategically.

#1. How can you brand your executive resume so it produces results?

The first thing you must do is define your target market. Who are you writing for and why?

The reason this is imperative is that your brand must make an emotional connection with the reader. To know your target audience is to be in the know of what you would like to market to get them to call you.

#2. How are you different in meeting those expectations?

To meet the needs of your employer is great, but to exceed them is better.

By going beyond qualifications, you will market yourself as the executive of choice. How can you deliver what they seek from the next CEO, CTO, CIO, CMO, CFO?
How are you uniquely qualified to assist your new employer?

#3. Design your executive resume to support your executive resume brand.

According to Career Trend, a professional executive resume writer serves as your marketing agent “While ardent in creating a career marketing message that is steeped in value and in harmony with the prevailing preferences, an expert resume writer understands that career marketing is JUST that, marketing, and it both bends, and breaks traditional writing rules, and leaves some prevailing opinions in the dust.”

This means you must partner with a professional executive resume writer who can creatively market you both visually and through the written word.

When a design is leveraged to market your personal brand, it is not an arbitrary design choice—it is intentional and in alignment with the ‘look-and-feel’ your message should convey.

#4. Content is still King and so drive home your marketing message.

When you write your executive resume brand statements, you must create a pithy tagline that communicates your signature as a leader and the value that brand promises to deliver.

Example: Chief Marketing Officer—defining, launching, and tracking global and consumer-driven go-to-market strategies with specialization in the pharmaceutical industry.

Bottom-line, it is important to do more than just speak to qualifications on your resume. At the executive level, it is understood that you should be qualified.

What will help you win coveted interviews is to brand yourself as a unique candidate.

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