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Why LinkedIn is #1 & Their Top 10 Jobs for 2017

20 Mar, 2017

Why LinkedIn is #1 & Their Top 10 Jobs for 2017

No way around this one, if you are a professional, or want to be a professional. You’ll use LinkedIn for career transition, building your professional network, for finding new clients and customers, and learning about your competition.

What should YOU, as a job seeker, do on LinkedIn? A lot of things. Or just a few things. It depends on who you are, your strategy, your industry, your level (exec or entry), your objective, etc. Here are five things that apply to just about everyone; below the list are LinkedIn’s Top 10 Jobs for this year.

1.  Increase you chances of others finding you. Optimize your LinkedIn Profile. When I’m asked what the #1 mistake most people make on LinkedIn is, it is that their Profiles are weak. This is kind of the foundation to a solid LinkedIn strategy.

2.  Look for others. I am guessing the Advanced Search features are underutilized. Why? Maybe people are afraid of the next step, after they find someone: communicate with them! Use the Advanced People Search to narrow down your search results (I did a search that went from about 1,400 hits to less than 70, because I made the search more precise). Look for people in Groups, through Answers, etc. Look for prospects, and then REACH OUT TO THEM.

3.  Brand yourself. Personal branding has been a hot topic for a few years. Use LinkedIn to help communicate your brand. Personal branding is about helping others know how to perceive you. What you put on your LinkedIn Profile, and in Answers and Groups and in your Status will shape how other perceive you.

4.  Nurture relationships. People hate networking for a lot of reasons. One reason is that it feels superficial. Use LinkedIn to get away from that. Use the tools in LinkedIn to help you communicate with your contacts… you’ll be nurturing relationships, which is only good for your career and your job search. Two great tools to do that are Answers and Groups.

5.  Competitive intelligence research (or, look for opportunities). I am learning about a few industries I don’t know much about. I’ve used Groups to learn about those industries and have been able to set up phone calls (like Informational Interviews). This is fun and highly productive, as it prepares me to better meet needs in those industries, and helps evolve my business in the right direction without simple assumptions on my part. As you do something like this you will uncover new opportunities, and you’ll tap into people who are plugged in, putting you in the middle of the “hidden job market.”

Top 10 Jobs for 2017, According to LinkedIn: Here’s an article from Money & Career Cheat Sheet about LinkedIn, which I condensed, including the number of top jobs available on LinkedIn, as of 1/4/17. Note this does not include these same jobs and many others which may not be posted on LinkedIn, or which are filled internally.

Additionally: Jobs for occupational therapists, nurses, home health care aides, genetic counselors, and financial advisors are set to increase by 25% or more in the next few years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

1.  Cloud & Distributed Computing: 1000+ posted on LinkedIn
2.  Statistical Analysis & Data Mining: (Number of jobs on LinkedIn: Roughly 10,000 statistical analysis jobs and approximately 12,000 data mining jobs)
3.  Mobile Development: 6000+
4.  Storage Systems & Management: 32,000+
5.  User Interface Design: 3000+
6.  Network & Information Security: 7000+
7.  Middleware & Integration Software: 10,000+
8.  Web Architecture & Development Framework: 35,000+
9.  Algorithm Design: 1,300+
10.  Java Development: 10,000+

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