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5 Quick Tips to Refresh Your LinkedIn Profile

15 Oct, 2018

5 Quick Tips to Refresh Your LinkedIn Profile

Using LinkedIn is important for today’s job search. If you haven’t been back since you first created your profile or your LinkedIn profile has been collecting dust, follow these quick tips for a little “spring” cleaning.

1: Update Your Headline

If your headline just has your job title, company, or something vague like “student” it’s time for an update. Your headline shows when others add you as a connection and it is highly visible on your profile. You can use it for much more than listing your job title! Instead, try a specific, branded tagline, or a message announcing your job search.

2: Add New Sections

Your LinkedIn profile allows for many different sections, so it can end up being longer than your resume. Why not try adding an Awards section, or one for relevant courses you have taken? If you have a qualification or skill, there is bound to be a way to add it to LinkedIn. Take some time to add new information to your profile.

3: Ask for Recommendations

LinkedIn is more dynamic than your resume, partially because of the recommendation feature, which can show potential employers and clients your skill set. Ask your former and current co-workers, supervisors, clients, and other contacts to leave a recommendation for you. A couple of glowing endorsements could make the difference between an employer or client choosing you and somebody else.

4: Upload a New Headshot

If your photo is grainy, blurry, or unprofessional, it’s time for an upgrade. Include a clear shot that is taken in good lighting, high quality, and only contains you. A professional photo can go a long way towards making your profile look complete.

5: Share Industry Articles

Updating your status on LinkedIn is one way to increase how often you show up in search results. Share articles related to your industry and add your comments. It’s a quick way to remind your connections you exist while contributing to the discussion. These status updates also show up at the top of your profile and can show that potential contact how much you keep up with your field.

A well-maintained LinkedIn profile could lead to a potential employer or client contacting you. Spend a few minutes updating your profile today, especially if you’re on the job hunt and don’t forget to network outside of the internet, too!

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