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The Online Resume

9 Feb, 2012

The Online Resume

The world is dynamic, the career landscape is shifting, employers are partial to fluidity, peers want versatility, managers want resilience, clients want flexibility and yet the representation of your vocational history is static, inert, staid, single channel and unidirectional. Yes, your resume as great as it may be—although I would bet against even this being true—is anything but dynamic.

So, how do we fix it? Certainly paper and pen, or MS Word and printer don’t help—it is still static, just prettier. Folks, we have entered.

Imagine a trumpet fanfare here—the age of the online resume. Now, there are plenty of sites where you can post your resume on-line, but this isn’t what I mean—these sites are not very dynamic; essentially they are an HTML formatted resume. What you need is a true Web 2.0 presence – a real-time, interactive, dynamic “you.com” that provides prospective employers visibility into the brand that is you.

The resume of the future has myriad ways that it can be sliced and diced; someone can see your work history – or your education—or your key projects—or your core competencies—or even a portfolio of your work if applicable. Graphics would be great – executives are notoriously ADD and are easily caught by bright and shiny objects.

The ability to download your resume in multiple formats is helpful and having a mechanism for reaching out to you would be part of the killer app.  While we are at it, let’s integrate with your blog. Add some links to your social networks and maybe even your Twitter feed. Now we are getting somewhere.

As I continue to refine my ideas on the resume of the future, I definitely want to incorporate your feedback—sound good, bad, dumb? What do you think?

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