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How To Reinforce Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

21 Feb, 2020

How To Reinforce Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Chances are that you already have a LinkedIn profile. That is a great start. However, how do you make the most out of LinkedIn so that you are reinforcing your brand and expanding your opportunities if you are on LinkedIn to find a new job?

According to the LinkedIn official website, they currently have 675+ million members and approximately 260+ million monthly active users—with these numbers the possibilities and doors of opportunities on LinkedIn are endless.

If you are new to LinkedIn, allow me to share what it is: LinkedIn is a social networking platform, akin to other social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. You will find that LinkedIn is the social networking hub for professionals; many who are sharing their ideas, business services, and more.

While LinkedIn has become the main social media platform to search for job opportunities, it is also a great site to just network. You will find professionals are often sharing insights and interesting videos on LinkedIn simply to build a following and position themselves as an industry thought leader whether they are looking for a new position or not.

What can you do on LinkedIn to build a network, following, and strengthen your personal brand beyond just setting up your account? This post will help you begin to understand some basic steps you can take on LinkedIn and empower you with actions to expand your connections and build/emphasize your personal brand.

Two-Way Discussions

Commenting and liking posts on LinkedIn is a great way to expand your footprint online, learn more about your network, and make your presence known.

LinkedIn users will post all types of information; from innovations to social videos, and to informational articles about their industry. Some you may find useful for career development, and others are simply for socialization purposes.

Your ‘like’ or comment on LinkedIn is coveted by users because not only does it count as a positive vote, adding equity to their online influence, but dropping a quick comment lets others know what topics they should continue to share and write about. It is valuable intel.

Side note: Keep in mind that what you like or the comments you make become part of your personal brand/reputation.

Status Updates

If you’ve used any type of social media site, then you are familiar with posting status updates. Simply put, it is a message that you would like to relay to your followers/connections/network.

Probably one of the easiest and most common practices that you will see and will perform on LinkedIn is updating your status. If you use this wisely, you can leverage this action to build your brand.


Don’t update your network with random information. Carefully choose what you are going to share and how that information will reflect who you are as a leader. Think about it as a calling card letting recruiters know about your interest, your passion, and your expertise.

Your status update will intrigue others and hopefully prompt recruiters, hiring managers, and others to look up your profile and send you an invitation to connect. At the end of the day, when it comes to strengthening your personal brand, every single pair of eyes matters!


One of the most under-utilized LinkedIn features (by job seekers that is) is blogging. LinkedIn offers the opportunity to blog via its Pulse platform.

Pulse is a news aggregation feed within LinkedIn that will distribute your long-form opinion post to hundreds. I find that business owners have learned how to tap the power of this feature to reach customers, but job seekers have yet to realize what a great tool this is.

Writing blog posts is relatively easy to do—although a great post is not easy to craft. According to TechJury.com 6.7 million people post to blogging websites frequently. And according to statistics found on impactbnd.com roughly 77 percent of internet users read blogs posts. That is 77% of the 4.54 BILLION people who are active internet users as of January 2020.

Now, you might be thinking, but this is a LinkedIn blogging platform. It is only distributed among LinkedIn users.


Yes and no. While LinkedIn users will have immediate access to your post—Google does, too. You will find that some post are popular enough to wind up on page one of Google. That’s right. What this means for you is more exposure to your brand and your profile—hence your qualifications.

Blogging is something to consider heavily as you continue your career journey and embrace the idea of personal branding.

Be nice!

LinkedIn will give you frequent updates on your connections—from birthdays to job changes.

Feel comfortable congratulating them. Congratulating others on their accomplishments shows support and unity.

It is a small gesture that can go a long way with many people. I find that many set up an account and focus on streaming information only instead of engaging. Make the time to create communities and cultivate relationships.

Whatever the reason you are on LinkedIn, these tips will help you amplify your presence.

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