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Why Your Career Achievements Can Turn *Against* You

23 Nov, 2019

Why Your Career Achievements Can Turn *Against* You

Career achievements… Take a moment to think about all those accolades and achievements that you have accomplished in your career that are now turning against you.

Let’s face it, you have spent a lifetime building up your achievements and you’ve spent years becoming the best you can be…

…but all those things you once took pride in could now be there very thing holding you back.

A few examples I have seen with experienced professionals are:

A heartfelt pride in working 80-90 hours per week which helped you soar to new highs and land unprecedented positions that now feels like a weekly death sentence because you don’t want to work those crazy hours anymore …. but you don’t know how not to.

All your years mentoring and training new staff, growing departments and cultivating fresh talent now goes by the wayside because you do not want to manage people ever again. You would be completely content if you never managed another person and become a stand-alone consultant. But who knows how to make that happen???

Having never needed to job hunt because you have *always* been recruited, sought after and/or promoted your entire career, you find yourself at a complete loss. You never learned how, or never had to do a proactive job search.

Clearly, your career bonuses became your baggage here, and it’s why you may feel strange promoting yourself when you are used to your reputation preceding you.

My suggested solution when this happens to you is to admit you have a problem. Don’t stick your head in the sand, shine a spotlight on the issues.

Once you can clearly see where your challenges lay, you can get start seeking out the right help and get back to basics.

For the examples above, I suggest getting back to basics:

Write your resume to promote what you want *now* (not the professional desires of the 25-year old you) and then get out to meet new people and to connect with your network.

Take a step back and take advantage of the upcoming holidays to learn about new things from your contacts—both new contacts and those you have nurtured.

Use this time of year to reset and aim and make your baggage your bonuses once more. It’s the perfect opportunity to relax, have some fun, but also make life long connections that will help you get where you want to be.

Get a jump on things now and be ready for January!

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