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11 Reasons Your Job Application Gets Tossed

14 Mar, 2021

11 Reasons Your Job Application Gets Tossed

Job application mistakes…

So…you are on a company website or job board, and you find a position you would be perfect for!  Your heart starts pounding because you KNOW this is the one.

You start reading through the requirements for application and start taking the steps. You hit “submit” and wait for the phone call extending an interview to come…but it doesn’t come!

What happened? Did you actually follow the steps? Did you leave something out?

Sometimes the difference between an applicant that makes an employer say, “WOW” and one that makes them say, “WHOA” is a simple mistake in the application process.

The thought maybe, if they can’t follow these simple directions to apply, how will they follow more complex directions when hired. You failed the first test!

What are some of the most common job application mistakes that can cause your application to get tossed?

  • Not Following Instructions Completely
  • Poor or Incorrect Grammar
  • An Outdated Resume
  • Listing Tasks & Responsibilities Instead of Achievements
  • Applying for Any & Every Position Open
  • Unclear or No Brand Messaging
  • Asking About Salary or Benefits Up Front
  • Inappropriate Cover Letter or Email
  • Left Sections on Application Blank
  • No Explaining Career Gaps
  • Missing the Deadline


Details Matter

Every single item on this list could be avoided if the applicant is paying attention to detail.

It’s pretty easy to go into an automatic zone when you are submitting a lot of applications, but that’s when the mistakes happen.

Many times, it feels redundant to fill out an application when you have all that information on your resume. But often, an employer will use it to cross-check your information.

It’s a good idea to have a copy of your resume–the updated one you submitted–so that the details are easy to access.

Nobody remembers all the little details of a job history without help, and why add stress to your life? It’s easy to have your resume along and use that to fill in the application quickly.

Probably, the most important mistake to avoid is not following instructions.

If you have a tendency to skim quickly and assume you caught the gist, slow down and make sure you also catch the details that could change the way you do things.

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