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Creative Job Hunting

19 Mar, 2018

Creative Job Hunting

In the old days, looking for a job meant searching the classifieds or contacting an employment agency, hoping to squeeze yourself into a prescribed slot. You acquired skills to suit the job. But the new way of job hunting is to create a job that suits you. A job that fits *your* skills.

One way to do this is to create a vision of your ideal job and let it find you. What are the qualities or essences that you want? A friendly, cooperative environment? Challenging, satisfying work? Congenial working companions and a compassionate boss? Do you want to work for yourself?

And don’t forget about the down-to-earth logistical issues. Do you want a short commute or to work at home? No overtime so you can spend more time with the kids or on your own interests? A large company with room for advancement?

Some Key Areas To Look At:

  • Atmosphere and environment—type of company; casual or formal; corporate or artistic; large or small
  • People—the kind of people you want to work with; work alone or in teams; manage and/or be managed
  • Location—nearby or relocate; work at home; commercial area vs. quieter, more isolated area
  • The work itself—something you’ve done before or something new; something you feel secure in or new challenges; a career you can develop or a job to support your personal interests or developing careers
  • Qualities or essences—freedom, challenge, fun, companionship, opportunities for growth or education, spiritual, friendly

Take a moment to sit down and make lists of all these items, or at least get clear about them in your mind. Think about them. Enjoy them. Feel gratitude that you can have them. And then expect them to show up.

Now this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take action. Personally, my belief system doesn’t allow me to sit home reading or watching TV, secure that the phone will ring with my dream job. Do what works for you.

Put together a nice resume. Read the classifieds. Call your friends and let them know you’re looking. Go visit some headhunters. Knock on doors. But go into the hunt with a clear picture of what you want, and you’ll be much more likely to find it.

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