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How to Handle Job Hopping Questions During an Interview

9 Sep, 2016

How to Handle Job Hopping Questions During an Interview

When we had an explosive economy with plenty of leading-edge opportunities to choose from, higher salaries, promotions in responsibility and title, and constant recruiter calls wooing the best from one company to the next, many professionals were left with resumes that reflect high turnover.

Although recruiters were very much involved in promoting the job hopping of the era, they are now in a place to be highly selective and many of them, and their client companies, are placing emphasis on the stability issue in selecting their potential employees.

How do you effectively address a job-hopping history? A key is to shift the paradigm from ‘stability of employment’ to ‘consistency of performance.’

1:  Note the Obvious:

“With such an incredibly buoyant economy at the time, providing a multitude of leading-edge growth opportunities, I was constantly recruited because of my reputation for excellence from one company to the next, with higher salary and greater responsibilities.”


“With such a buoyant economy at the time together with the strong flow of venture capital funding and new technology advances, companies were started, were acquired, or lost funding within the space of two years. Three of the four companies I worked for suffered this fate, even though my particular performance was outstanding. Ever resourceful, I rose to the occasion and sought and found new opportunities.”

2:  Highlight the Positive About the Situation:

“I gathered a breadth of experience and knowledge in a short amount of time and consistently outperformed goals and objectives. It provided intense growth in my career enabling me to utilize flexibility, adaptability, and strategic thinking, pioneering initiatives that constantly enhanced the customer’s experience and the company’s bottom line.

(Give an example of an outstanding achievement or two in which you brought solid value to the company.)

3:  Complete the Shifting of the Paradigm by Closing with:

“Let me show you how my consistency in achievement can enhance your customers’ experience and provide growth to your company’s bottom line. (then share key points from your value proposition that are relevant to the company you are interviewing with).

“I am looking for a company that is stable and set for growth, where I might be a strong contributor for a very long time; tell me, how is this company set for growth?”

Try this strategy; I think you’ll find it’s a powerful way to minimize frequent job change issues.

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