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The ABC’s of Career Transition

1 Sep, 2016

The ABC’s of Career Transition

Let’s talk about the ABC’s of career transition. A career transition can take many forms. However, your mindset and how you go about it can make all the difference in the outcome.

A: Accept that you are responsible for your career and your life.

B: Believe that change is possible and that you deserve to be happy.

C: Clarify what you want in your career.

D: Dare to dream big; be determined through hard times; don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do: define that for yourself.

E: Engage in activities that are congruent with your goals.

F: Find your faith in what really matters; face your fears; focus on what you want; forget perfect.

G: Give yourself permission to try; remain grateful in all things.

H: Hire a trained, certified career coach to help you achieve your career goals more quickly and easily.

I: Imagine yourself an Abundant Success. What does that look and feel like?

J: Join forces with people who share your goals, your vision, and your best interests.

K: Keep trying and learning.

L: Live in the moment as if you had no future and no past.

M: Make decisions that are intentional.

N: Notice when you feel stressed out. What are you believing that isn’t true?

O: Organize yourself and your thoughts for Abundant Success.

P: Plan your career on purpose and prepare to succeed.

Q: Quit making excuses and do something.

R: Remember anything is possible; there are no mistakes, only learning opportunities.

S: Stop whining and feeling sorry for yourself; set SMART goals–goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, rewarding, and timely.

T: Take time to do the most important things first.

U: Understand how your thinking affects your career and your choices.

V: Vent if you want, but don’t be a victim.

W: When you don’t know something, ask.

X: X-Ray your career options–examine what isn’t readily visible to others; what do you see?

Y: Yearn more, learn more, be more.

Z: Zero in on careers that will fulfill you personally, professionally, and financially.

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