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Job Search Tips for the 50+ Candidate

7 Feb, 2017

Job Search Tips for the 50+ Candidate

Over 50? Navigating today’s demanding and ever-changing job market is tough—no matter what age you are. However, if you’re 50 or over, learning the ropes can be even more of a challenge.

It’s highly likely that it’s been years upon years since you last searched for a job, and the market has changed tenfold since you were in this position.How do you navigate this strange new territory? How do you reach out to the people you want to hire you? Just what is the key to writing resumes that get you hired in today’s world?

Don’t be stagnate!

Regardless of age, it never hurts to learn new things—information, viewpoints and especially skills. Think about the skill set you have now. How well does it sync up with the job listings you’ve seen this decade? Are there any skills you’ve seen that have stumped you, or that you know you have no idea how to perform?

Don’t let this become a detriment to you and hurt your chances of getting hired!While you’re searching for a new career, it would serve you well to start looking into expanding your skill set by taking some adult educational classes.

If you aren’t good with computers and other electronic devices, now is the time to learn. If you need to be familiar with a certain kind of software to qualify for the positions you’re seeking out, consider seeing if your nearest learning center has classes for it.

Be present on LinkedIn!

You’ve very likely heard of LinkedIn at some point during your professional career. It’s a business-oriented social networking site and has become increasingly important in recent years.

Most professionals today use it to network with other people in their industry, meaning if you don’t have a LinkedIn account of your own, you’ll want to invest some good old time and effort into putting one together and keeping it active and updated.

You never know who might notice you on LinkedIn, especially since so many of today’s hiring managers use the site to find potential candidates. If you can’t make heads or tails of LinkedIn, you can even hire a professional LinkedIn profile writer to lend you a hand.

Get the chip off of your shoulder!

Because you’ve been in the workforce for so long, especially as a senior-level professional, you’ve racked up a lot of accomplishments. While this is certainly commendable and even worth acknowledgment, you should keep in mind that by looking for new work, you’re much closer to square one than it may seem.

Be humble about your skills, and don’t limit yourself as far as the positions you can acquire. Similarly, you don’t want to be too meek and cheat yourself out of a great position. Simply communicate, connect with every fellow professional you meet and don’t let your personal opinions get in the way of your search.

And don’t forget you can always rely on a professional resume writing service for help with your job search and to help you maneuver through today’s job market!

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  1. Thanks for your comment, A. Garrett!

  2. Thank you, Erin, great article! I’m 69, and fortunately, I have been told I look years younger. So I know that even us over 60 and 65 still acquire jobs! I was 63 when I was selected for my last position. My advice is to take care of your health, if you’re obese, lose weight, stay enthusiastic during interviews and don’t back off from displaying your skills and experience – you’re much more qualified for jobs than that younger candidate! Show the interviewer that you’re proud of your background. Employers love positive people wit healthy self esteem, and especially when you’re over 50 and 60 years old.

  3. Jeff D\'Ambrosia

    How about 68, just let go from transitioning to customer service rep from account management position due to inability to type 60 wpm. Last job hunt 2 years ago, still need to work 5-7 more years. I’m on LinkedIn, advertising my availability and a cut paste of my resume. Any tips for me?

    • Erin Kennedy

      Hi Jeff-

      Keep looking! Job search takes time.

      I’m glad you are using LinkedIn… it’s such a great job search tool. Use it to search for positions you might like as well as letting employers find you.

      Also, if you are looking for a customer service role, try Indeed.com which will look for similar roles in your area.

      Best of luck to you!

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