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Navigating Uncertain Times in Your Job

4 Dec, 2020

Navigating Uncertain Times in Your Job

I spoke with a client about his recent layoff.

He could see the writing on the wall but was hoping it wouldn’t happen until after Christmas, actually hoping it wouldn’t happen at all.

He liked his job and liked his company even more, but the last year the company took a hit due to a product that wasn’t as successful as they had hoped and they were losing money.

When your company isn’t as stable as it was, there isn’t much you can do about it. However, you CAN control your outlook on it.

Ignore Drama & Smile

Ignore the drama and smile at the people in your life. There will be drama if your company is on shaky ground. Engaging in drama will only lead to more job anxiety.

Stay Focused on Your Work

Remember, the people you work with, the people you live with, and the people you interact with as you go through your day are all dealing with something too. Be kind and smile.

Don’t Worry

Don’t waste today’s energy on worrying. Easy to say, I know. However, worrying about something you can’t control is pointless and saps your energy. Look at your worries and work on what you CAN control. If you can’t control the thing that worries you, how will worry help? Answer: it won’t.


There will always be uncertain times. We can stay ahead of some of it by being prepared. Even if most of the economy is good, if your job is uncertain, then you have every reason to be concerned enough to do something about it.


It’s always a good idea to prepare. Take control of your fears by preparing. Put aside money. Dust off and update your resume. Start seeing what else is out there. Work on paying off your debt load even if all you can do is pay a little more than the minimum every month.

When times are uncertain, as they have been in the recent past, taking a minute to breathe and assesses is paramount to staying ahead of the game, which will help you feel more in control and less anxious.

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