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How & When to Ask for a Raise

3 Oct, 2020

How & When to Ask for a Raise

Throughout your career, you are definitely going to encounter a situation where you feel entitled to a salary raise but have not been offered one.

You may think about it for a few months but put it off even longer. It’s uncomfortable for sure. Learning how and when to ask for a raise is the first towards taking control of one’s future and career.

Unfortunately, in these tough economic times, raises are not always freely given, in fact sometimes we feel like we are fighting for it. Capitalizing on successes and highlighting your ability to make a difference can often be parlayed in to raises. The trick is to know when to strike.

You’ve done the work, had the accomplishments, and/or contributed to your company’s overall growth, right? Here are some questions to consider first:

➡️ Have your responsibilities increased or have you been recognized for any accomplishments or contributions?

If your job responsibilities continue increasing but your salary remains the same, now is the time to ask. Gather your list of abilities and accomplishments. This way, you have the backbone to your claims, and you’ve proven your worth.

➡️ How is the company doing? Has it had a good quarter or year? Has it secured a new contract or reached a sales goal?

If the company is doing poorly, it’s not the time to ask for a raise. On the other hand, if the company is performing well and you’ve contributed to the positive performance, talk it over with your boss to show why your performance merits getting a raise.

➡️ Have you had your performance review yet? What do you expect your supervisor will say?

A few weeks ahead of your anticipated review, talk to your boss about a potential salary increase so they can take it into consideration while performing their assessment.

Once you have determined the perfect time to ask for a raise, you next need to learn how to do so in an appropriate manner that is professional but also persuasive (minus the chocolates and sucking up).

Remember to keep all communications regarding your request positive, and be prepared for a ‘no’ or an offer that is less than you expected.

Finally, always remember that professionalism is key. Because of this, it is vital that you not ignore the management structure of their organization.

You should first approach your manager or supervisor with your salary raise increase request. Jumping ahead is little more than stepping on the toes of the manager and will likely not result in a raise.

Going to your boss prepared with what you have accomplished or contributed helps alleviate any fears and gives you more confidence to ask for a raise.

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