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Finding the Right Home (Company) – Stay, Don’t Quit

10 Sep, 2018

Finding the Right Home (Company) – Stay, Don’t Quit

You are working in a great company with a fulfilling role but your location isn’t ideal. Are you thinking of quitting? Sending in your two weeks notice? Maybe that isn’t the only solution.

First, make sure that leaving is the only option. If it is, then well, you have to actively get in the market for the geographic location you desire.

Getting your resume ready, connecting with people in the new market, doing research on companies—all these steps are necessary. Back to the question—is it really necessary to leave? Let’s think about where you are now.

What are the pros at staying with the company?

+ You enjoy the culture and values of the company you currently work for.
+ You respect the leaders and how they run the company.
+ You are respected in the company and receive feedback that is supportive and complimentary. Your pay and bonuses reflect your contribution and the market.
+ You know the company and can see myself growing into more responsibility and influence.

And the cons?

You’d be starting over; not only in a new company and new role, but in a new location.
You may not know the leadership or what they stand for or how you fit in.
It may not be entirely clear how you can grow in the position.

And I am sure you can think of other pros and cons to list out. The point is, to do it. Actually write them out. Ask your spouse, your partner, family members, friends what they think too.

If after you have taken a good inventory of the pros and cons, and, staying with the company is something you value, then, the second thing to do is assess if staying, but in another location, can work.

You need to do the homework and the planning of how the move would benefit the company, not just you. What’s in it for them? Be brutally honest about this, as it will force you to look at every angle. Let’s look at some areas that might be worthwhile to think through.

  • Do your performance reviews and metrics support that you are a valued and valuable employee?
  • Do you have differentiated skills or areas of expertise that would be hard to replicate should you leave?
  • Does your current company have branches or departments located in or near the city you are hoping to relocate to?
  • Is it possible to do your role remotely or semi-remotely? How would it affect your contribution and effectiveness if you were not at the main location?
  • Does the company have clients or vendors in the location I desire to move to and are there roles that would support those partnerships?

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