Fridayd: Time Saving Job Search Tools

FridaydJob Search Tools

The Do-It-for-Me  Solution for  Job Seekers

The only virtual assistant technology giving you an optimized and accelerated job search without all of the work that goes along with it. It’s unique platform takes hours off your job search. It’s a true one-stop-job-search shop—a dashboard tracking system enabling you to organize and monitor your job search. If you want an easy and efficient way to track your job search (2-min video), sign up here for the free plan.

If you prefer having the heavy lifting done for you, opting for one of the low-cost solutions that sets you free from the whole job search shebang will better serve you. Details

Job search is a complex, emotionally draining and repetitive process. Imagine if you could offload your job search and application processes. With Fridayd, there is…

  • No more searching through a multitude of job search boards or company websites.
  • No more uploading your resume over and over again or continuously completing online applications and forms.
  • No more digging to find relevant networking contacts. Fridayd, as your virtual assistant, does all of this for you.

You get the most highly relevant job search results, because you can provide feedback like you can’t with any other job search platform. But that’s just the beginning.

Fridayd does the heavy lifting of applying for the jobs of your choice, and we do it so well, no one would ever know you didn’t do it yourself. It’s that seamless.

Using Fridayd, you stay on track with your job search; whereas some job seekers give up completely because of the hours and effort required to manage their time effectively. Simply put, with Fridayd, you won’t have that stress or worry.

Plus, you’ll get a huge amount of time back. Fridayd saves job seekers on average 40 hours per month in job search and application time. That’s a whole work week of time—worth checking out!