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What Free Stuff Does for Your Business

18 Jun, 2019

What Free Stuff Does for Your Business

I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like getting free stuff. How about you? Believe it or not offering something for nothing DOES have its benefits.

As a small business owner, are you taking advantage of this opportunity?  I’m not saying give away all that you know but rather just a free “taste” of your expertise. How you give it away is up to you.

It can be a special report, mini-training video, or putting together some type of checklist, self-test, or maybe a reference guide that’s ideal for your target audience.

The objective of your free taste is offer a resource that your target audience find valuable, giving them a glimpse of what you have to offer as an industry expert.

It’s an excellent way to attract attention of potential clients. If people find your materials helpful, professional, and value-driven, they’ll feel more confident about working with you or referring others to you.

Moving forward…

What specific or common problem do you hear job seekers complaining about a lot that your career coaching or resume writing service can solve?

Now take that particular problem and let them know why they should care about solving, making it as your free taste offer. BUT save the actual “how to” part for your paying clients. (You don’t want to give away the store!)

Once you put your free taste together and it’s ready to go, make it available on your website so everyone who requests will be automatically added to your mailing list.

The people who get added to your mailing list will be the ones you’ll follow up with regularly when you have more info to share that you know they’ll benefit from and will help them with their job search.

TIP: Let people know when they request your info, they’re also agreeing to being added to your contact list. Also, let them know their info is safe with you because you don’t share names or email addresses with anyone.

Offering a freebie is an excellent opportunity to reveal your career coaching or resume writing expertise. You’re giving potential clients a chance to experience your service offering without feeling pressured into buying anything.

Position yourself as valuable resource vs. coming across as a “hard sell.” People welcome this with open arms.

What you want to do here is to start building the know, like, and trust factor with new potential client leads—people who are obviously interested in the solutions that you offer.

Once people you genuinely connect with feel comfortable and ready to move forward, you’ll be top of mind because you’ve stayed in touch and have shown you do care and have a genuine interest in their success.

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