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Surviving in Today’s Business Climate

6 Apr, 2020

Surviving in Today’s Business Climate

The business climate is challenging now and it’s tough for everyone in more ways than one. Though we can’t control the economy, we can control our perception (and reaction) to it. Every crisis creates opportunity, every struggle offers opportunity to rise to the occasion.

It’s more important now to think creatively and adapt quickly to seize those opportunities. Companies that do will thrive, even during the most challenging times.

5 Survival Strategies In a Tough Business Climate

Don’t Panic—Be a Leader

Fear plays a role in the ups and downs of the stock market. Don’t let it create the same anxiety in your business. Plan ahead based on facts, not fear.

Think of yourself as captain of the ship. With stormy seas, the passengers (your clients and potential clients) look for leadership.

Don’t sugar coat any problems. Use clear, consistent, and confident communication when having discussions with clients and potential clients. Demonstrating your leadership and confidence establishes a positive mindset.

Make “Economic Downturn” Your Call to Action

Hard times breed efficiency. Take the time to fix the inefficiencies you’ve been putting off. Re-evaluate your direction. And, be realistic about the situation as it is now, not what you projected months ago.

Reach Out & Don’t Give Clients a Reason to Say “No”

Now is not the time to skimp on customer service. Clients need to hear from you to keep you top of mind. Whether your customer service is awe-inspiring or awful (time to be honest with yourself), what’s one action you can take to “wow” a client? Flexible payment options? A bonus offer? Just do it.

Use Your Downtime

If business is slow, despite your best efforts, take advantage of it. Use this time to enhance and further develop your skills and discover new ones. There’s always something we can learn!

Value Your Relationships

The people in your life can be a source of comfort during difficult times. What relationships could you be nurturing but aren’t?

We are by nature, resilient and adaptable. By embracing that adaptability and being flexible, you increase the odds of not just surviving but prospering.

Connect, attract, and nurture … the cornerstone for creating a thriving business of ideal clients! My many years of experience primed me to build a community of only the highest-level career professionals. LEARN MORE