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Your Comfort Zone = Business Success

21 Aug, 2020

Your Comfort Zone = Business Success

As an introvert and shy person, stepping out of my comfort zone was a challenge. But overcoming this challenge was a must to expand my reach and grow my business.

You discover what you’re capable of doing when you step out of your comfort zone. And, if things don’t go well, that’s okay. Chalk it up as a lesson learned and try again with that experience under your belt. Believe me, you won’t be alone!

When transitioning from an established certified career coach and resume writer to positioning myself as a recognized business coach and advocate for career coaches and resume writers, it required that I step out of my comfort zone in many areas.

A comfort zone is just that “comfort.” It’s a when you’re at ease, content, and have a sense of security. Leaving that safe space means feeling discontent, uneasy, and insecure.

It takes practice to overcome these feelings and it is doable. BUT, you have to be willing to give yourself permission to try and not give up.

Leaving your comfort zone is a “success step” and contributing factor to the success of your business. Give it a shot and have fun with it—it’s what makes being in business so exciting!

You’ll be amazed at how taking this step will help you grow personally and professionally while at the same time build your strength and confidence in your ability to do something you thought you didn’t have in you to do.

Business opportunities are everywhere, but you can’t expect them to just drop in your lap. It requires that you take action and be willing to step out of your comfort zone when need be. Are you comfortable with…

Building Your Professional Network

Reach out for support and guidance from experts in non-competing fields and establish yourself as a career expert in their minds. Building long-term, supportive and trusting relationships with these experts can result in referrals (both ways) for many years to come.

Offering Training & Writing Articles

Start off with putting together a 30-45 minute mini-training session and writing articles with your target audience in mind.

What can you teach on or write about that you know like the back of your hand when it comes to helping job seekers?

Offering free mini-classes and posting articles allows you to interact and demonstrate your industry expertise while establishing credibility. It’s an excellent opportunity to expand your reach and visibility online and get in front of you ideal clients

Sure, you can direct job seekers to articles you know they’ll benefit from, but why not place emphasis on writing your own articles?

Be top of mind when it comes to contacting a career coach or resume writer and when it comes to being recommended by others when they know someone who can benefit from your services.

Building a community of class attendees and readers that view you as an industry expert is the objective.

If you’re not comfortable with what I mentioned above, now is the time to take action and leave your comfort zone. Take consistent action to see consistent results.

Whether it’s an action that results in immediate gains or a learning opportunity for what to do differently next time, the more you try, the further ahead you get.

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