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When You’re the Boss, It’s Easier to…

2 Mar, 2018

When You’re the Boss, It’s Easier to…

When you’re your own boss, When you’re your own boss, it’s easy to let things slide or make excuses why you did or didn’t do something because you don’t have anyone to answer to but yourself.

As an entrepreneur, your mind seems to always be going, thinking and contemplating ideas about what ways you can build your business to make it more successful.

So, what happens next? Things come up that you didn’t think about, questions come to mind, and you find yourself needing help in areas you’re not familiar with—you’re trying to figure out everything all on your own.

If you’re like many entrepreneurs, you start off strong, but for one reason or another you begin to lose momentum and focus. Before you know it, what you set out to do becomes yet another unfinished project.

As much as I hate to admit it, I was one of those “many entrepreneurs.” Long story short, I learned many lessons the hard way (personally and financially). It happens to the best of us.

Mastermind groups are becoming more and more popular these days and for good reason. A mastermind group…

* is group of highly motivated people who meet on a regular basis either in person, virtually, or on the phone to encourage and support one another as they work towards accomplishing their goals.

it offers you an opportunity to be heard, brainstorm ideas, give and get advice, share business experiences, get introduced to new, different business processes, tools, and resources.

It all boils down to accountability and getting the support you need and being in the right mastermind group can change you and your business.

For example, stating your goal publicly and what steps you’re going to take to move move closer to it, you’ll be more inclined to take action and follow through. Why? Because the people in your group are expecting something from you.

If you don’t take action and follow through, you’ll need to answer why you didn’t. Meaning, it’s a whole new ball game!

The nice thing about being in a mastermind group is that you’re not judged. It’s understood that sometimes it takes a few attempts to complete an action step. Group members are there to support you and help you overcome whatever challenges you’re facing to help you get “unstuck” so you can take that action step again and succeed.

In a mastermind group setting, you’re in company with others who are willing to push one another to do their very best, even if it means taking “baby steps.” The objective is to help each other address and overcome the fears, challenges, or roadblocks that’s holding them back.

If you’re serious about buckling down and turning your ideas into reality, getting the honest feedback and the support you need to help you overcome challenges you’re facing, then becoming part of a mastermind group is a step in the right direction. When you do, you’re plugged into a network of other business owners who have the same desire you do—to achieve their business goals.

* You get to benefit from perspectives of other participants which brings about awareness and insight you wouldn’t have otherwise.

*  You’re challenged to achieve the goals you set for yourself, to “think big,” and break free from your fears and your comfort zone.

*  You’re given an opportunity to present your objective, challenge, or situation so the other group members can give you constructive criticism, feedback, advice, opinions, and the support you want and need.

*  You leave each meeting with action steps to take by the next meeting, which the group will hold you accountable for because no action, no results.

*  You become more focused and stay motivated to follow through.

*  Your confidence level increases because of progress you see from your efforts.

*  You’re exposed to new business ideas and given opportunities to brainstorm concepts and solutions to problems.

*  You make better (and faster) business decisions. It’s like having your own due-diligence team to instill the confidence you need when making important decisions.

If you’re thinking about joining a mastermind group, make sure they have ground rules established and that members are required to sign a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement. You want to be assured that all group discussions and shared info won’t be shared with anyone outside the group. TCE’s mastermind group is one that has these rules in place.

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