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Top 3 Business Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

2 May, 2016

Top 3 Business Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Marketing mistakes happen. Business marketing or content marketing isn’t something a lot of business owners like to do, but it’s something that cannot be avoided. Without clients, you don’t have a business.

Simply said, people want to work with businesses they’ve come to know, like, and trust and that can deliver results and provide solutions to their problems.

People Don't Care What U Know

1.  Making it all about you and placing emphasis on “What’s in it for me?” (WIIFM) mindset rather than making it about them (your potential clients). You can go on and on about your background and experience, and accolades, but until they know that you care, it doesn’t hold much weight with them.

2.  Highlighting processes rather than results and solutions your service provides. Processes are boring and provide potential clients with nothing more what activities will take place once they are your client. How does your process work to their advantage?

3.  Not understanding the distinction between features and benefits and how to apply our use them in their marketing messages. For example, a car salesman telling you the car you’re interested in buying gets X miles to the gallon is a feature; the money that you’ll save on gas is the benefit.

A few questions to keep in mind when creating your marketing content:

  • Are your marketing messages client-centered or self-centered?
  • Do potential clients have a clear sense of how they can benefit from services and working with you?

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