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7 Facts to Keep In Mind When Pricing Your Services

6 Jun, 2019

7 Facts to Keep In Mind When Pricing Your Services

Isn’t it time to be paid what you’re worth?

Knowing what to charge for services you provide is a comment question for coaches and writers and I’d say it’s true for many service based business owners. They don’t want their fees to be too high or too low.

My purpose here  is to make sure you don’t short-change yourself—DON’T want you to sell yourself short or get caught up in what other people are charging. Instead, I want you to step back and look at what clients really get when they decide to work with you.

The fact of the matter is that you do WAY more than just provide career coaching or resume writing services. Having a clear understanding of what you’re really providing your clients.

7 Facts to Consider When It Comes Time to Pricing Your Services

  • You offer years of experience and expertise in the career coaching or resume writing industry—providing clients with peace of mind because they know you have their best interests in mind and you’re in their corner every step of the way.
  • You serve as an advocate, providing clients with support and motivation while holding them accountable throughout the process of your work together to prepare them for a successful job search.
  • As a result of your career coaching or resume writing consultations,  you help clients identify and address career issues or roadblocks that’s been holding them back from their success.
  • Through your career coaching or resume writing process you’re able to clarify and define your client’s objective and career goal, leading them in the right direction.
  • You provide financial security after your client lands the interview they wanted so badly and gets the job or when they get that well-deserved promotion or pay raise they’ve been going after for so long.
  • You help clients avoid lost income due to a long, drawn out job search. For example, someone who earns $100K per year is losing approximately $2,000 each week they’re not employed.
  • You relieve stress and anxiety! Your client experiences less stress and anxiety because they realize they don’t have to do this alone and they have an expert like you in their corner to help and lead them in the right direction.

Like I mentioned earlier, you provide WAY more than just career coaching or resume writing services. Your career services are invaluable.

Don’t just attach just any price to your career services or base your fees on what other coaches or writers are charging.

Place value on what you do and everything you offer clients.

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