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How to Market In a Noisy World & See Results

30 May, 2019

How to Market In a Noisy World & See Results

How are you getting through all of the marketing noise? Thousands of advertising messages are thrown at us each day resulting from someone’s effort to market to us.

Marketing has become even more sophisticated and targeted in its ability to identify who it wants to reach and equally sophisticated in its ability to do so.

But for all those advances, the marketing approach seems to be unfamiliar to our daily lives. There are ways we might apply the principles of marketing outside of business, yet we rarely think that way.

Marketing & Communicating

For example, we might talk about selling an idea to our spouse or kids, but rarely do we talk about marketing to them. Yet sales, if it’s to be expected successful, must be preceded by marketing.

We don’t think of it this way because marketing tends to be about communicating to broad groups of people, yet in our personal lives we’re marketing to individuals or very small groups of people whom we know (or think we know) very well.

So what does it look like to market a proposal to a customer or market doing the dishes to your kids? It’s more about mindset than technique. You don’t need to conduct a focus group to find out what to fix for dinner.

You’d be surprised at what you might discover if you let go of what you already know about any of your customers (in business and life in general) and apply some of the principles of marketing to get what you want out of those relationships.

Build Buzz…

Word-of-mouth is huge and is the most valuable source of marketing. Again, we’re so saturated with advertising messages that they’re no longer as effective as they once were. BUT if someone gives a personal testimonial for a product or service, we’re more likely to respond.

Getting endorsements and testimonials from your customers who can testify to your knowledge, experience, and ability to help people succeed and reach their goals is an excellent way to get the word out about your career service business.

Then Build Trust

Permission marketing. Build an ongoing, two-way communication that’s based on, and built upon, trust. While we’re still trying to weather the waves of spammers, permission marketing is an effective way to establish trusting relationships. Actively listening and genuinely connecting with people.

Opt-in email is an example of permission marketing. When you ask someone to give you their email address in exchange for something you’re giving away, they’re doing so with the understanding they’re being added to your mailing list with the option to opt-out at any time.

It all boils down to relationships. If good marketing depends on listening, then great marketing depends on listening over and over again. Paying  attention to what your customers have to say and then communicating honestly with them is a way to demonstrate that you can be trusted.

There you have it—the two effective ways to market your business in our noisy world and see results is to build buzz and build trust with your target audience!

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