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What Makes You Stand Out as a Career Coach or Resume Writer?

28 Sep, 2020

What Makes You Stand Out as a Career Coach or Resume Writer?

Just like employers look for candidates who stand out, job seekers look for career services that stand out. Why you?

Job seekers who want to effectively communicate to employers that they’re the ideal candidate for the position they’re targeting seek expert advice from career professionals who know how to do it.

Depending on the job seeker’s situation or circumstance will determine if they’re seeking expert advice from a career coach or resume writer.

For example, if they want to know how best present themselves in a resume or want to make the most of their LinkedIn profile, they’ll seek advice from resume writing experts and for those who want help with their interviewing or salary negotiating skills, etc., they’ll seek advice from career coaching experts.

Bottom line, people needing some kind of career related help are in need your career service in some way or form. And, it’s your involvement and industry expertise that will direct them down the right path so they see results sooner than later.

Just as hundreds or thousands of candidates compete for a vacant position, you as a career service professional compete with other career coaches and resume writers who provide the same career service offerings!

Because emails crowd our inboxes, the Internet, television, and social media saturate our lives, it’s key to quickly capture your target audience’s attention. And, taking steps to establish the “know like and trust factor” is a sure way to stand out from other career service professionals.

When I say “quickly” I’m mean within the first 20-30 seconds! Whether you’re promoting an upcoming workshop, launching a new product or service, offering resources (free or paid), or communicating with potential clients whether it be in on the phone, in person, online, or via your website. You want to stand out in some way.

It’s not about just being heard through all the noise out there. It’s also about being remembered.

When people are ready to make a career move or if they happen to know someone else who can benefit from your services, you want them to immediately think of you.

Don’t be just another career service they find online. Be one that people remember because of the connection and relationship you establish with each client you work with. So…

  • What makes you stand out?
  • Why should people work with you when there are literally thousands of other career services out there that offer the same products and services as you do?

The questions I asked above are really no different than the questions you ask your own clients when helping them clarify their strengths and why employers should hire them for the job.

You want your clients to dig deep and provide you with all that they can because you know the more info you have to work with, the more you’re able to help them.

I’m asking you to “dig deep” too. Job seekers want to know and understand what makes you a “good fit.”

Send potential clients a clear message that you’re their ideal career coach or resume writer who can help them identify their strengths and true value, which in turn positions them in the best way possible to achieve their ultimate career goal.

Taking a genuine and authentic approach of connecting serious job seekers with career coaching and resume writing experts is the foundation of The Career Experts (TCE) network.

People need to have an easy and effective way to get through all of the noise and clutter surrounding the job search process. TCE meets that need.

Our purpose is to serve, support, and meet the needs of career industry experts and leaders while at the same time serve, support, and meet the needs of job seekers and professionals who value the expertise credentialed career professionals.

Make connections, build relationships, and stand out from the crowd!

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