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How to Think Like a Marketer

16 Dec, 2019

How to Think Like a Marketer

About being a marketer…

Marketing isn’t popular with a lot of business owners because they think it’s all about advertising and sales. Marketing is an action step you take to promote and sell your products and services. But it’s a process, not an event.

It involves research, promotion, and distribution along with advertising and sales. It’s important to research your target audience and know the specific needs and problems of your ideal clients.

When done effectively, marketing is an excellent and opportune way to cultivate and maintain genuine relationships with your target audience. It also helps you and your company stand out from a saturated industry.

It begins with having a clear understanding of who your ideal clients are, the issues they face, and how you can be a solution to their problem.

Having the right attitude or marketing mindset is very important but tends to be an overlooked aspect of marketing.

Think Like a Marketer

When you have a marketing mindset, your messaging is about who you serve and how you can build brand awareness to help your target audience become familiar with your products, service offerings, and you as an industry expert.

Establishing the know, like, and trust factor with potential clients is key.

As you develop a marketing mindset, ideas of how to meet marketing goals on a daily basis will come easily.

4 Ways to Get Started

Know Your Products & Service Offerings Inside Out

This may sound obvious but think about how many times we’ve walked away from buying something because the person helping us couldn’t answer a few basic questions about their product or service.

Find Ways to Leverage Mistakes of Competitors

It’s easy to see what the competition is doing well but just as much (sometimes even more) can be learned by observing what your competition is NOT doing so well.

The Internet is saturated with career services—so why pick you over them?

Do your homework. Determine what makes your career service better than your competitors. What are weaknesses do you find other career services? What client needs aren’t being met? What can you do to step in and meet those needs?

Be THE Solution

Solve problems your clients face. People are looking for solutions to the challenges they’re facing in job searching, not services.

Emphasize the benefits, value, and results you provide clients and how understanding their needs and meeting those needs are important to you.

The best marketing strategy ever: CARE.”Gary Vaynerchuk, Leading Marketing Expert & Entrepreneur

Every Client Interaction Is a Networking Opportunity

The word “networking” makes some people cringe just thinking about it. But it’s what you make it. Networking doesn’t have to be all about schmoozing or closing a sale.

View it as a way to simply have a conversation with people in an effort to build new relationships or strengthen existing ones.

In business, everything ties into marketing in one way or another—what you wear, how you communicate (verbally and non-verbally), and what you do to attract, retain, and maintain client relationships.

All of it affects or contributes to the profitability and success of your business. Thinking like a marketer is a way of ensuring your company’s longevity.

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