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In a Saturated Marketplace? 7 Steps to Great Business Ideas

25 Jun, 2020

In a Saturated Marketplace? 7 Steps to Great Business Ideas

The difference in business ideas can be compared to the difference between mediocre and exceptional or between boredom and passion.

Whether you’re coming up with an effective way to streamline the job search process, writing a best-selling headline to attract new clients, or coming up with a product or program, to attract clients you need to stand out so you’re not overlooked.

You’re an expert at making your clients stand out from the crowd and now it’s about making YOU stand out.

7 Steps to Trigger Ideas to Stand Out In Business:

1.  Activate Your Creativity — What helps take your mind in different directions? A day away from the office? Listening to your favorite music? Gardening? Running? Spending time with your kids? Meeting up with colleagues?

2.  Examine Your Beliefs — What beliefs or thoughts keep you stuck in the same old, same old? Which ones hinder your efforts or keep your ideas small?

3.  What’s Your Purpose — What do you LOVE to do? If possible, work that in or the energy of it, into your ideas.

4.  Identify What’s NOT Working — The heart of a problem is rich with possibility for creative solutions.  What problem(s) are you seeing job seekers being challenged with a lot of that’s NOT being addressed or taken on by other career coaches or resume writers that you can be the first to offer in your industry?

5.  Ask — Reach out to colleagues and professional network and ask for their input. If you’re spiritual, you know the power of prayer. James 1:5 “But if any of you lack wisdom, he should ask God who gives to all generously and ungrudgingly, and he will be given it.”

6.  Be Open — Ideas can come from anywhere. Your spouse, kids, siblings, or significant other may spark an idea that will work for you. Ideas can come from anywhere!

7.  Keep Track — Great ideas are often born while driving, running, when showering or taking a relaxing bath. Always keep something handy to jot down your ideas to avoid the risk of forgetting them!

    • Put a pen and notepad in the glove box of your car and another one on your nightstand.
    • Get one of those notepads with a magnet to put on your fridge.
    • Use your cell phone: Use the notepad feature, send yourself a text, or send yourself an email as a reminder.

Ultimate Goal: Come up with ideas that will serve to meet the needs of your target market.

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