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Being Certified Doesn’t Guarantee Business Success

27 Apr, 2020

Being Certified Doesn’t Guarantee Business Success

Certifications… Are You a Certification Chaser?

Attracting more clients goes beyond being certified or having multiple certifications.

It’s about being yourself, letting others into your world, knowing who you really want to serve, and making a real connection with your audience.

DON’T get me wrong!

Becoming certified does show your commitment to your profession and I’m all for certifications.

I respect my profession and I’m certified myself. But, I’m not all about the “alphabet soup” thing.

I see too many coaches and writers getting stuck in the certification trap that results in hiding and dodging opportunities to show up in their business.

I know I might be ruffling some feathers in our in our industry, but I’m speaking my truth. I’m not coming from a place of judgment, condemnation, or criticism.

I’m coming from a place of honesty and want to let those who might think the more certifications they have, the more successful their business will be. Not necessarily true.

What’s really going on and being felt is a lack of self-confidence. (Scarcity in one way or another.) Again, no judgement but rather taking this a little deeper.

Having multiple certifications (2+) in the same industry seems redundant. But if there’s a distinct difference between them then it makes sense.

Let’s take resume writing for an example. There’s a distinct difference from writing a civilian resume vs. writing a resume intended for government use.

Having multiple certifications because you provide career coaching and resume writing services makes sense because they’re different from one another.

Many seek multiple certifications to fill their need of feeling more secure in their ability to coach or write. And, to boost their self-confidence to better serve their clients as a career expert.

I’m speaking from a place where I did this myself about 4 or 5 years ago! I found myself chasing certifications and falling into that trap.

Getting more certifications isn’t going to boost your self-confidence on the outside. It’s the confidence and trust you put in yourself that helps you be successful and grow your business.

The shifts are to stop chasing the next certification and start investing in you.

Yes, being certified helps establish your credibility as an industry expert, but adding more to what you have isn’t going to reach out to potential clients and build relationships with them. It takes you, the person, to make that happen.

If what I said resonates and you understand it’s time for you to do the inner work and stop chasing that next piece of paper, contact me and let’s chat about how I can support you.

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