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Tips & Strategies

10 Mar, 2014

Five Steps to Job Fair Success

While you will need a strong resume for any job fair, don’t forget – attending a job fair is not just about submitting your resume. It’s about socializing and networking with the representatives of the companies and showing off your communication skills. In order to do those things confidently, you MUST do your homework in […]

30 Jan, 2013

Is an Old School resume getting in your way?

Companies today are moving quickly and looking for talent that can keep up, or better yet, bring cutting-edge ideas to give them a competitive advantage. A hiring manager’s first impression of you is most likely your resume, and if it says, “I’m old school,” you are probably not getting the interviews you would like. In […]

17 Aug, 2012

Getting The Most Out of a Job Fair

You spend days preparing for that big career fair, where you’ll meet your dream employer who will throw lots of money your way because YOU are the one they’ve been waiting for. However, the reality is that many people who attend job fairs are left disappointed, frustrated and jobless. Here are some pointers to help […]