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Tips & Strategies

20 Nov, 2017

5 Reasons to Send Thank You Letters

Thank you letters are an excellent self-marketing tool and a critical component of your job search strategy. The time spent crafting a targeted thank you letter after an interview will be well spent and can contribute to a more credible and efficient search. Below are five reasons to incorporate thank you letters into your search […]

13 Mar, 2017

Career Portfolios for Personal Branding

If you are interested in securing greater career opportunities or promoting the value of your unique expertise within a select industry, now is the time to find and develop your personal brand. What exactly is a personal brand? As all of us know, corporations such as McDonald’s and AT&T use slogans, logos, advertising, and a […]

1 Nov, 2016

How Do I Get Hired After Age 50?

The key is recognizing and remembering that your work experience can play a *supportive* role as well as a leadership role with organizations. The two need not be mutually exclusive. If you’re over 50, you’ve probably had the experience of being labeled as overqualified. And in response to this unwanted job-search slur, you’ve probably done […]