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Tips & Strategies

27 Apr, 2020

Remote Working During a Global Pandemic

Things change during a pandemic… Working from home isn’t a new concept. But with the global healthcare crisis consuming every waking minute, this “virtual” or “remote” work idea has become a reality for many more of us. It may have sounded like a great idea when you were stuck in traffic or dealing with office […]

17 Jan, 2020

What’s the Right Work/Life Balance?

As a Libra, I’m all about finding the right balance in my life and it isn’t the same all the time nor does it typically seem to be a 50/50 balance. But it needs to exist. Sometimes, work demands most of my time; other times I need to focus on my other interests to recharge […]

18 Feb, 2019

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth the Cost?

When so many hiring managers and recruiters use LinkedIn to locate potential candidates, you want to make sure your LinkedIn profile is fully optimized. And when you have spent so much time filling in every section, you may wonder if the cost to upgrade to the premium version of LinkedIn is worth the benefits you […]

28 Jan, 2019

Career Transition: 5 Important Resume Tips

To best sell yourself to any employer, a strong, relevant resume is key. When transitioning to a completely different industry, it can be difficult to figure out how to show the employer that your previous experience is valuable. Luckily, you have a few different options. Play Up Your Education: If you decided to go back to […]