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Resume Writing

1 Jan, 2018

3 Ways to Sell Yourself In Your Resume

In today’s job market, it is vital to not only list your experience, skills and education, but really sell your value. 1.  Quotes – Yes. Don’t be afraid to add a short quote directly on your resume that speaks directly to your brilliance. Pull quotes from LinkedIn recommendations, past performance appraisals or letters of recommendations. Don’t […]

4 Dec, 2017

9 Resume Writing Tips

Not everyone is a professional resume writer, nor wants to be, but this article will help you to go from thinking about writing a resume to actually being able to write an effective, eye catching and results-driven resume. One of the most important things to remember about resume writing in the 21st century is how […]

27 Nov, 2017

IT Resume Strategy: So What’s Your Story?

Some people are natural storytellers. They describe events and circumstances in a way that captures attention, compels interest, and engages listeners. Storytellers are a direct contrast with those who use language solely for targeted and factual communications. In interviews and professional networking, the storyteller has a distinct advantage—the ability to engage and interest people who […]

9 Oct, 2017

Resume Tips – 5 Resume Red Flags

Prospective employers may spend as little as six seconds looking at your resume to make an assessment of your abilities and to match those abilities to their job opening. In those six seconds they do not read every word on the resume! Instead, employers look at the overall format – is it easy to read? […]