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Resume Writing

13 Aug, 2018

Is Your Resume Employer Driven?

Are you interested in knowing what potential employers are looking for in a resume? If you haven’t updated your resume over the last few years, you might be surprised to learn what companies (large and small) are requesting in today’s resumes. In the past, resumes would begin with an Objective Statement, which showed the type […]

9 Jul, 2018

Be Honest on Your Resume!

Nothing tells a prospective employer that you are not the right person for his or her job more quickly than a resume that does not match the job description or the stated needs of the employer. Your resume should be written in a way that reflects your education and accomplishments. Resist the desire to overstate […]

2 Jul, 2018

Resume Tip: Put Your “Money” Where Your “Mouth” Is

You could create your resume so that it’s filled with impressive-sounding words. For example: “Highly skilled, resourceful manager with exceptional leadership skills and proven ability to solve complex problems.” What’s wrong with that? Meaningless, often generalized, wording tends to put readers to sleep! Why does the above statement fall flat? It doesn’t actually say much when […]

25 Jun, 2018

Secrets to Personal Branding

Personal branding is an ongoing process that can take years to develop, but only seconds to destroy completely. It’s impossible to boost your personal brand if you don’t make a conscious effort to make your name known throughout your industry and beyond. You could start with developing your LinkedIn profile, attending networking events or other […]