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Resume Writing

22 Oct, 2018

15 Items for Your Resume To Do List

Do you want to create a more “user friendly” resume to submit to recruiters and hiring authorities? Here are 15 suggestions for composing more compelling and targeted resumes. 1. Create a Resume Headline Headlines sell newspapers. They can also sell job search candidates. Hiring managers don’t really read resumes, but rather scan them to determine […]

8 Oct, 2018

Compensating for Employment Gaps

How do you compensate on your resume for a gap in employment? Naturally hiring managers want to see consistency; they want to see a professional history that does not contain employment gaps. Things happen though; there are personal and professional situations that sometimes come up—things that are beyond your control. So, what do you do […]

23 Jul, 2018

Differences Between Federal & Corporate Resumes

The resumes used to apply for United States Federal jobs are different than those in the civilian (corporate) workplace. Some of the differences are outlined below. 1. Formats Federal resumes have specific formats which differ depending on the announcement. These include specific information, order, character counts, page length requirements and fields. Many of these are […]