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Articles for Job Seekers

15 May, 2020

The Career Pivot (Your Career Direction)

Change is constant, prevalent, inevitable. We experience it in the weather as temperatures vary, in the seasons as spring cycles to winter, and within ourselves as we accumulate experiences. For most of us, these changes or transitions are characteristically familiar. Similarly, we embrace characteristic changes in our careers, expecting a familiar, linear path of advancement […]

27 Apr, 2020

Remote Working During a Global Pandemic

Things change during a pandemic… Working from home isn’t a new concept. But with the global healthcare crisis consuming every waking minute, this “virtual” or “remote” work idea has become a reality for many more of us. It may have sounded like a great idea when you were stuck in traffic or dealing with office […]

14 Apr, 2020

Using Online Tools To Prepare For Remote Interviews

Interviewing for jobs can be an anxious and nerve-racking time during the best of times. Layer on our current employment situation brought on by the coronavirus and the pandemic, it is downright scary. Whether you have been laid off or had been in the process of changing position, chances are you will now need to […]