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1 Oct, 2018

3 Ways You May Be Networking Wrong

Whether you are actively looking for a job or not, networking is valuable. If you believe building your network doesn’t bring any value to your career, then there’s a chance you may be doing it wrong. I’m sure you know by now that having a solid LinkedIn profile is one of the most effective ways […]

7 May, 2018

Every Meeting Is An Interview

Every day we meet people. Some meetings are fleeting and are for simple, daily activities and tasks. We meet people at the grocery store, at the local coffee shop, at the gym. Other meetings create real connections. You will also meet people at your kid’s school, during volunteer activities, at charitable events, or through professional […]

12 Feb, 2018

Unwritten Rules for LinkedIn

If you know how to use LinkedIn effectively, it can be an extremely valuable tool for executives. However, not knowing how to use it properly can also damage your reputation without you even knowing. LinkedIn isn’t difficult to use, but there are some unwritten rules about etiquette that many executives overlook. If you’re going to […]