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10 Dec, 2018

A Job Seeker’s Secret Part 2: Preparing for the Interview

(Please read Job Seeker’s Secret Part 1 if you haven’t already.) Preparing for the Interview Next, it’s time to research the field or industry and the contact’s company. This will help you avoid wasting precious interview time asking questions that you would have been able to answer by doing a little investigation, as well as demonstrate […]

3 Dec, 2018

A Job Seeker’s Secret Weapon Part 1: Informational Interviewing

One of the most powerful but underutilized strategies in finding a job is informational interviewing, the process of conducting highly focused conversations with professionals currently working in your field of interest in order to gather information about a job, company, field or industry. Informational interviews provide excellent opportunities to gain knowledge that you may not […]

24 Sep, 2018

How to Write the Perfect Post Interview Letter

Now that you’ve aced your interview, it’s time to send out a thank you letter. Whether it’s your first interview or you’re an interview veteran, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed about your letter options. Although the content of your letter is up to you, here are a few definite do’s and don’ts for writing a […]

21 Aug, 2017

How to Follow Up After the Interview: 4-Step Strategy

Employment interviews can be exhausting and time-consuming experiences. Researching the company ahead of time and answering tough questions during the interview is challenging enough. However, waiting to hear back about your candidacy status can be sheer agony! The solution: Use this four-step strategy to follow up in a professional manner without being a pest and […]

21 Apr, 2017

Interviewing Authentically

The goal of the interview is to showcase your accomplishments while developing a relationship with the hiring manager. The quality of the relationship hinges on the job seeker’s ability to build credibility for their candidacy and effectively gain the hiring manager’s trust. Despite this, many job seekers continue to “spin” their responses to interview questions. […]