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Cover Letters

6 Apr, 2016

The Top Reason Your Cover Letter Is Important

Your cover letter IS important. Some will tell you that nobody reads cover letters any more, so there’s no good reason to write them. But there actually are very good reasons to write a professional, researched, compelling cover letter, and here’s the top reason why: It is your opening argument that the attached resume is […]

26 Jan, 2015

3 Attention-Grabbing Cover Letter Ideas

Your cover letter gives you an opportunity to showcase your unique qualifications for the job position you are applying for. This can be an intimidating challenge, because you are essentially selling your personality, qualifications, and skills to the employer. To make sure your cover letter packs a punch, try one of the following strategies. 1) […]

15 Sep, 2014

Is a Cover Letter Necessary?

One of the most commonly-asked questions when it comes to the job hunt has to be: “Do I need a cover letter?” Yes, you do! “Can’t I just send my resume without it?” Only if the employer, recruiter, or software refuses to let you submit the cover letter! Why? Because the resume doesn’t create the […]