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9 Jun, 2017

You Got to Give to Attract Clients (Give more WITHOUT emptying your wallet!)

You Got to Give to Get : What do potential clients really “hear” when you communicate with them whether it is online, offline, in person, or on the phone? What message do they take away from your website, service offerings, products, or your “get acquainted” phone consultation? Being in business of selling services is based […]

30 Jan, 2017

Why You Need Competitors

When it comes to your business, do you worry about competitors? If you do, what’s behind the worry? There are more than enough people in the world to serve so running out of clients or customers shouldn’t be something to spend your time worrying about. Rather than viewing competitors as trying to take away business […]

1 Dec, 2016

Top 10 Year-End Review Questions

As we begin the last month of the year, it’s time to mentally prepare for next year. Can you believe 2017 is only 31 days away?! Earmark some time this month to assess your personal and professional challenges and accomplishments that took place THIS year. Ask yourself these 10 questions and put your answers on […]