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21 Dec, 2015

Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Your Inner Game

You’ve been running your business for a few years now and you know you do a great job at meeting the needs of your clients whether it’s career coaching or resume writing, possibly both. Your clients tell you so. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about raising your prices, adding more to your coaching services, resume packages, […]

16 Dec, 2015

5 Things Your Competitors Know About Email Newsletters

So what’s the big deal or why bother with publishing an email newsletter (aka ezine)? Because your competitors know and understand the value of staying connected and being top-of-mind! Here are the Top 5 reasons why I suggest that you do: 1. It allows you to stay in touch with your clients and potential clients, […]

10 Dec, 2015

3 Ways to Take Your Social Networking Up a Notch

Networking online or social networking isn’t all that different from traditional business networking such as your local Business Network International (BNI) Chapter, local Chamber of Commerce, service groups, or professional networking organizations. Just like with traditional face-to-face networking, being a successful social networker means you: Show Up Regularly People work with and recommend people they […]

3 Jan, 2012

Top 10 Ways to Handle Difficult Conversations

Top 10 Ways to Handle Difficult Conversations The fallout from conversations gone wrong is not pretty: trust and intimacy suffer, while resentment and misunderstanding build. But it is possible to improve the way we handle our most difficult personal conversations. Our relationships need to nourish us, not deplete us. Consider the following: 1) Set an […]