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Louise Garver, CJSS, JCTC, CEIP


Louise Garver, CJSS, JCTC, CEIP

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Louise Garver has a distinguished career as an executive career management professional. She believes that for an executive to truly succeed in pushing ahead with their career, they must be willing to invest the time and resources necessary, seek out expert advice, partner in the process, communicate openly regarding career goals, and recognize the importance of a strategic job search action plan.

Louise's expertise in these matters has resulted in over 20 years of success in leading executives to meet or exceed their career goals and expectations.

Louise is a nationally recognized career management professional with expertise in career coaching, resume writing, job search strategizing, interviewing, career assessment, and salary negotiation.

Her clients have gone on to have distinguished careers in major corporations including AOL, Lockheed Martin, McKesson Corporation, Merck, Pfizer Inc., CitiGroup, Aetna, UPS, Department of Defense, US Army, US Navy, US Marine Corps, Internal Revenue Service, FBI, CIA, Target, Sony, Macy's, Nieman Marcus, LEGO, and many others in the US and globally.

Louise's successes have led to affiliations with major career websites including CareerJournal.com and she is a published contributor to over 30 career publications.

She has also served as a career expert for numerous job search websites including Career Hub Blog, Career Thought Leaders Blog, and JobberJobber Blog.

With credentials including Certified Job Search Strategist, Certified Personal Brand Strategist, Certified Online Identity Strategist, Certified Job & Career Transition Coach, Certified Career Management Coach, Certified Employment Interview Training Coach, Certified Professional Resume Writer, Certified Life Blueprint Facilitator (Career Coaching), Master Career Development Professional and numerous other career-related certifications, plus a Post-Master's Certificate in Career Guidance, Louise has proven her dedication, commitment, and expertise in career strategizing.


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