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Jennifer Bradley, ACC, JCTC, CJSS


Jennifer Bradley, ACC, JCTC, CJSS

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Making changes in your career and work life can be exciting. But it can also be confusing and stressful.
Are you wondering what to do next or how to move forward in your career?

Work-related change is a common experience. But is it the right change for you?
Each person's situation is different.
But maybe some of the career dilemmas described by previous clients resonate with you?

*I have taken time off for family and now i would like to return to work. I have always found my previous jobs by submitting my resume to online postings but now I am not having any luck at all.

* I’m at a time in my life when I need to find a career with more personal satisfaction.

*The truth is I’m not sure what I want next really. I’m hoping a career coach can help me clarify my goals

*I need to advance out of my current job. It is stressful not knowing which direction to go.

I know from my personal career changes (both planned and unplanned) that the transition process can be a bit of a rollercoaster experience.

Having lived and worked in both US and UK, I now provide career services for professionals in both locations.
If you think career coaching might help with your personal career situation, I invite you to contact me for more information and to find out if my services are a good fit for what you need.

About Jennifer

Jennifer Bradley, Ph.D. is a career and work-life coach and consultant. She works with experienced professionals who are ready for career change, but want more clarity about their options and a way to move forward that feels more manageable.

In addition to being a Certified Coach and Registered Career Development Professional, she has several industry-specific credentials.

She coaches individuals and groups to get clear, discover their strengths, get unstuck, communicate their personal brand, and select the best tools to move forward with greater ease and less stress to accomplish their career goals.


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