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Georgia Adamson, ACRW, MRW


Georgia Adamson, ACRW, MRW

A Successful Career


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Who I Serve:
My clients are primarily senior managers and executives who are preparing to make a big change--advance in their career, secure a coveted new position, change career focus or location, and more. But they know they don't have the time or expertise to handle all the key elements by themselves. They need expert help they can count on.

I don’t know anyone who actually LIKES job searching. What I do know is, it’s a lot easier when you have an expert on your team who brings very important qualities to the “party”—someone who’s safe to talk to about confidential information, supports you when obstacles crop up (which happens more often than we’d like to think), and stays committed to seeing things through, so you get where you want to go.

That'’s what gets me up and going every day. I might not be able to convince you that job searching is FUN, but if I do my part right, you’ll find it practically painless and definitely productive!

More about my background:
Since 1993 I have provided career management services to thousands of clients in numerous professions and industries. I have worked with both local and long-distance clients, including those from worldwide locations such as Hong Kong, Chile, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. Many of them have continued to use my services over the years and have referred friends, relatives and co-workers to me.

I care deeply about the success of my clients--that's partly why I named my business A Successful Career! In a world where challenges abound and the job search can be a painful process at times, I choose to do what I can to help make it as painless as possible for my clients.

Prior to establishing A Successful Career/Adept Business Services, I worked for over 15 years in the Silicon Valley area of California and for two years as a teacher in Australia.

On a personal note, I share a home with an adult son and a small but feisty Tibetan Spaniel.


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